Who’s the “Us” in It’s Good For Us?

Beata Domagala Beata
Good wife, web developer, freelancer, yoga lover, occasional vegetarian, healthy food enthusiast, social media butterfly.
Davvi Chrzastek Davvi
Good husband, published illustrator, freelancer, motorcycle traveler, amateur-at-best filmmaker, blogger.

Together we travel through Asia with a few specific things in mind; Yoga classes, exotic dishes, an overdue honeymoon, a break from work, but mostly…for the fun of it.

We are hoping to learn to appreciate the things we often take for granted; access to flexible jobs, having family close by, sleeping on a comfortable bed, even having drinking water readily available.

We’re also looking to reconfigure our priorities. Do we really need the 50-in TV? The 3 bedroom apartment? A big house? Do we really want to work 50+ hours a week just to keep those standards of living, or keep a lighter schedule and spend more time together, or be able to go on vacation more often?

How did we afford a 5-month vacation? Through a few months of saving, sacrificing a few comforts like eating out every day, and giving up plush hotel stays in far destinations, for camping trips in the surrounding states. In other words, we had a specific goal in mind and a set plan, and we stuck to it.

We keep this blog so that our friends, family, and readers like you can follow along, do some armchair traveling, or perhaps feel inspired to take some time off and start a journey of their own.