While in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia), we met up with two of our friends from London, both of which have over a year of round-the-world travel experience. We made plans to spend a week together on a small island of 200 people, called Gili Air. It’s a little, calm paradise without the wild parties of its sister island Gili Trawangan, perfect for snorkeling, sleeping on the beach in a hammock, or enjoying super-delicious, fresh, straight out of the ocean fish.

And we did just that. For a week. Plus coconut drinks. Loved all of it. The vibe on the island is so laid back it’s hard not to; it makes the locals and visitors walk slower and smile brighter. Within minutes of arriving on a small boat we were huddled into huge, comfortable pillows in a bamboo hut right on the beach with a steady supply of fresh fruit juices and coconut pancakes. We were also invited to a trip to the moon which is their way of offering a smoothie made with mushrooms. Magic mushrooms. Or as the sign on the restaurant said: “Bloody Fucking Fresh Magic Mushrooms”.

Whatever your favorite smoothie ingredients are, it’s a beautiful island to relax on.