As much as it’s great to be around nature it always feels good to go back to civilization. A few days in Kuala Lumpur—one of South East Asia’s metropolises—brought us back to life and gave us a sweet taste of home.

We stayed at the very nice Chinatown Boutique Hotel in China Town where we were able to barter a very good deal using skills learned in India. 🙂

It was a treat to take a hot, high pressure shower in an area separate from the rest of the bathroom (usually the shower area was the entire bathroom) followed by a nap in a bed with crispy clean bed sheets.

As we were laying in bed drinking Malaysian tea and watching HBO we started noticing how much we take for granted in our lives; things like TV, hot showers, or clean bedsheets or even drinkable water. We wrote these things down and promised to be more grateful about them when we go back home.

After we spoiled ourselves with the comfort of the room we went to explore Kuala Lumpur. This great city has so much to offer; tons of great shopping, delicious food, a fancy looking financial district with the magnificent Petronas Towers and a few nice parks. All in all, an amazing melting pot of Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian culture.

We spent a few days enjoying the goods of civilization, and got on a plane to Indonesia.