We sat down in New Delhi on the day we were to fly out, and thought back to our last 2 months in India, and how quickly it all passed. With Malaysia scheduled as our next destination, we made our way to the airport on a (quite nice) subway system, and spent a couple of hours relaxing before the flight. I like airports; they’re such a fantastic combination of over the top architecture, icons, signs, infographics, and logistical wonder.

We landed in Malaysia. The flight took time during the night which always results in a drowsy day, but a couple of coffees at the airport Starbucks–which was a joy to once again have access to–put us in a wide-eyed state with enough energy to get to Kuala Lumpur walking.

Since KL wasn’t in the plan (yet), we transfered to a bus and headed to Cameron Highlands, a pleasant, small town towards the center of Malaysia, and got a chance to visit a large tea plantation. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!

When we come back, expect tea served at our house for at least a year. 🙂