We came to Agra just like millions of other people to see the main pride of India – Taj Mahal.

Fellow travelers suggested a sunrise or a sunset as the best time to visit the Taj Mahal. The temperature here in April goes over 40C, the marble floor heats up so quickly than by noon is almost impossible to walk on it with bare feet. Therefore we picked the early morning wishing for still cold floor and hoping for less of a crowd.

We managed to get to the ticket booth before the sun was up, but they opened the gates almost 30 min after the actual sunrise. The rising sun experience at the Taj Mahal wasn’t going to happen and we got pretty disappointed because of it.

Fortunately the first full view of the Taj quickly flipped our dissatisfaction.

An epic white palace was growing in the middle of a huge, green garden. The long, rectangle-shaped pool at the front gently reflected the breathtaking view of the monument.

We have seen this view so many times on postcards and in books, but standing there brought it to life and gave us goose bumps.

There is something very magical about the Taj Mahal. I think it is the idyllic reason it was created for. It was built by one of the princes for his wife as an expression of his great love. So romantic 🙂

We spent a lovely morning walking around the monument and taking tons of pictures. No wonder this amazing place is the most photographed sight in the world.