The plan for our remaining week in Thailand, before heading of to India, was now: 1 night in Krabi town, 1 night in Phi Phi, 3 nights in Phuket, and plenty of hours to move from one place to the next.

Krabi Province

Soon after getting to Krabi though, we altered our schedule and opted to stay here for the remainder of the time. Some of the things that contributed to this:

1. Bamboo Island
A small island with a really fun beach with waves strong enough to knock the tan out of you.

Beata & Davvi on Bamboo Island


2. Koh Phi Phi Island
Besides being a truly wondrous sight, it’s also one of the locations for the movie The Beach. Don’t expect it to be as isolated from people as in the movie though…

Koh Phi Phi Island


3. Kayaking
Despite of the previous kayaking adventures, we really enjoyed doing it again, especially around an entire island (though with life jackets this time).

Beata Kayaking in Thailand


4. Snorkeling
Our first attempt at snorkeling back in Koh Tao was a failure, but snorkeling in Krabi paid off. Tons of beautiful spots, even if occasionally surrounded by jellyfish (the non-lethal kind).


Beata Snorkeling in Thailand


5. Market Food
After a full day of under/above water exploration, nothing beats stopping by a local market for a delicious mix of Thai dishes and a large bottle of Thailand’s beer, Chang

Krabi Market Food

Davvi with a big Chang beer