When we decided to add India to our itinerary many people wondered why we chose this part of the world as a travel destination. A few individuals tried to change our plans by telling us horrible stories about thievery, scams and diseases. I have to admit that on the one hand, some of these tales […]

We came to Agra just like millions of other people to see the main pride of India – Taj Mahal. Fellow travelers suggested a sunrise or a sunset as the best time to visit the Taj Mahal. The temperature here in April goes over 40C, the marble floor heats up so quickly than by noon […]

Part of staying at the ashram is karma yoga; usually in the form of daily service for the ashram. Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love” had to scrub the floors of the meditation hall. We had to help build a new ashram. On one of the beautiful Sunday mornings we all got into a few […]

It was 11:00 PM. We got out of the airplane after a short but cramped flight, and made our way towards our reserved taxi driver. After settling into the beat up taxi, we drove for hours through the foggy night on roads of old asphalt and gravel. The car shook viciously on every bump, throwing our […]

After some time in Cambodia, we returned to Bangkok on an all day van ride. It was a cramped and uncomfortable ride, that unfortunately didn’t end in a calm night in a hotel, but a bus ride to Chumphon, followed by boat (ride/swim?) to Koh Tao. View Trip From Cambodia to Koh Tao in a […]

I went on this trip with a plan. Not only was I going to visit all the places Beata and I intended to see and experience, I was also going to document most of it and share it on this website. The weekly videos would highlight our adventures, while the entire collection of clips would […]

The tough journey here (which will be written about in detail later) was made good by … get ready… $.50 beer. That’s right, that’s a period before the 50. Fifty cent draft Angkor. Jay, I know your eyes just popped out…

Chairs in Israel

January 13 2011 - In: Travelogue Davvi

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Over a million chairs at the Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel, and not one of them near a power outlet. 8 hour layover spent on the airport carpet.



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