While in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia), we met up with two of our friends from London, both of which have over a year of round-the-world travel experience. We made plans to spend a week together on a small island of 200 people, called Gili Air. It’s a little, calm paradise without the wild parties of its sister island Gili Trawangan, perfect for snorkeling, sleeping on the beach in a hammock, or enjoying super-delicious, fresh, straight out of the ocean fish.

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We’ve closed the India chapter of our trip. Here’s a short summary in pictures.

As much as it’s great to be around nature it always feels good to go back to civilization. A few days in Kuala Lumpur—one of South East Asia’s metropolises—brought us back to life and gave us a sweet taste of home.

We stayed at the very nice Chinatown Boutique Hotel in China Town where we were able to barter a very good deal using skills learned in India. 🙂

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We’re no longer in India, but check out what traffic there was like.


Taman Negara, Malaysia’s premier national park covers four thousand square kilometres of rainforests and is estimated to be more than 130 million years old! A real paradise for nature lovers and everybody else looking for some literally wild excitement.

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We sat down in New Delhi on the day we were to fly out, and thought back to our last 2 months in India, and how quickly it all passed. With Malaysia scheduled as our next destination, we made our way to the airport on a (quite nice) subway system, and spent a couple of hours relaxing before the flight. I like airports; they’re such a fantastic combination of over the top architecture, icons, signs, infographics, and logistical wonder.

We landed in Malaysia. The flight took time during the night which always results in a drowsy day, but a couple of coffees at the airport Starbucks–which was a joy to once again have access to–put us in a wide-eyed state with enough energy to get to Kuala Lumpur walking.

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When we decided to add India to our itinerary many people wondered why we chose this part of the world as a travel destination. A few individuals tried to change our plans by telling us horrible stories about thievery, scams and diseases.

I have to admit that on the one hand, some of these tales made me worry, but on the other, they made me even more curious about India.

I couldn’t wait to find out why people say that “There is India, and then there is the rest of the world”.

We spent two months in India, and we have a very hard time trying to summarize the experience. Here is why.


We love India for:

1. Colors

Colorful houses, flowers, shops, foods, but most importantly, saris (traditional dresses). The amazing colors of fabrics brought so much life to India’s scenery.

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Our most recent adventure: camel ride through the desert.

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We came to Agra just like millions of other people to see the main pride of India – Taj Mahal.

Fellow travelers suggested a sunrise or a sunset as the best time to visit the Taj Mahal. The temperature here in April goes over 40C, the marble floor heats up so quickly than by noon is almost impossible to walk on it with bare feet. Therefore we picked the early morning wishing for still cold floor and hoping for less of a crowd.

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I came to Rishikesh to learn about proper alignment of postures and the benefits of yoga.  I was curious why some asanas (postures) are good for back pain, or why a child pose helps with insomnia.

When I decided about the course I knew I wanted to study in India, the source of yoga. I also wanted to experience ashram life which made the decision of location pretty easy.

Rishikesh Yog Peeth Ashram

The 6 weeks of intensive yoga training gave me more than I expected. Great teachers flexed not only my body, but also my mind.

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